Save Money on New Cars by Buying Through an Auto Auction

With the state that the economy is in these days, everyone is looking to save money. It only makes sense that people want to save money on one of the biggest purchases of all – and I am not talking about a house (though there are auctions for houses now, too) – I’m talking about the purchase of a car. Although the prices of cars are going down due to an excess of inventory (since not many people are buying from the dealers currently), despite the lower prices, many people are still not buying the cars direct from the dealer.

Instead, folks are finding out that auto auctions offer a plethora of cars for a steal of a deal. The old way of obtaining cars at auctions for low prices was to attend a live police auction. While this is still a good option, the best option nowadays is to look at online auto auctions. Dealers are wising up to this and placing a lot of their overflow stock or inventory that hasn’t sold onto the online auctions. Thus, the choices are many for the consumer who wants to save money by buying a car through an online auto auction.

By far, the most popular online auto auction is through eBay Motors. EBay is a reputable online auction site, free to join, and the most well-known auction site throughout the world. Let eBay’s popularity help you out with your search. When you are searching for a particular car, if it is listed on eBay, it will most likely show up in the search engines. Do your homework on any car that you wish to buy, though, to make sure you know what the car is worth, the car’s specs, what is included, etc. so you won’t be ripped off or sold a “lemon.” Many of the cars listed on eBay are sold through both used and new car dealers, as well as individual people. There are several other good online auto auction sites that are also free to join.

A simple Google search will reveal some of the top online auto auction websites, and they are all free to join or register. The top result is I Bid Motors (, a huge online auto marketplace that advertises itself as “the better way to bid for cars online.” The cars are listed by make and model and by premier dealer; you can also save a list of your favorite cars, to keep an eye on the auction. Another popular auto auction website is Capital Auto Auction (, which is the official site of auto auctions for the Salvation Army. This auto auction site is full of cars that are listed for auction below one-thousand dollars. There are several physical locations throughout the US, and you can find a list of locations on the website.

They also have a live online auto auction every Saturday, done from each Capital Auto Auction physical location. Registration is free with the Capital Auto Auction website. Another top choice for an online auto auction is Motobidia ( They offer free membership, a nationwide selection of cars, a free vehicle history report included, wholesale car prices and free shipping nationwide, to name a few perks. Also, if you refer a friend or family member who signs up and purchases a car through Motobidia’s online auto auction, you receive a one-hundred dollar referral bonus. Both saving money on your new car and earning money for referring their service – you can’t beat that!

No matter which online auto auction you choose, as mentioned previously, you should always do your homework and research the car you want to buy. Some online auto auction companies, like Motobidia, offer a free car history report with your purchase. With others such as eBay Motors, it depends on the seller as to whether or not they offer a free history report. If not, don’t worry – you can always go to and order a vehicle history report on your own. In order to do this, you need to obtain some vital information about the car, such as the VIN (vehicle identification number), and the year the vehicle was made. If the car you are planning to bid on happens to be local to you, go to the physical auction site and check out the car. Bring a mechanic or someone knowledgeable about cars with you to help you check the car for problems and defects. Be sure you know just how much the car is worth, so as to avoid “being taken for a ride,” so to speak.

All in all, this information age that we are living in is a very exciting time, and a great opportunity for those looking to save money by buying a car through an online auto auction.

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